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March 1, 2010

The young woman looked to be in her late teens. Very tall and lithe, she was beautiful. She was applying her makeup when I walked into the bathroom. Her skin was flawless and her face was quiet. I say quiet because she displayed not a hint of smile or expression and oftentimes, it’s a smile that will draw you to a person, make you consider that they are pretty. But not this young woman. Her beauty was in perfect angles that made up defining cheekbones. It was made up in perfect skin, without blemish or unevenness, smooth and wrinkleless. Hurrying to wash my hands, she wasn’t particularly friendly, mostly she seemed occupied. She was one of the dancers our hosts had told us about.

We ‘d been at the Bodhi Meditation Center all morning.  Being their neighbors, they had invited us and all of those around the center to see what they were about. We share our western border with their 500plus acre compound, a retreat center for Buddhists or wanna be Buddhists. I admit, Mother, Neil, Bob and I readily accepted their mail delivery flyer, we’d been curious. We’d heard stories. We’d heard they didn’t pay their taxes, being a religion and