Bluebonnet Picnic

Reading Time: 2 minutes

All over the prairies of Texas the lupines buds are swelling about ready to bust forth in indigo blue. I love Texas in the spring when the Indian Paintbrush and Mexican Pinwheels and winecups give only small relief from those fields of blue. I am sure Heaven’s going to have a bit of this…

So … here’s the skinny.. all you new mothers and fathers and old aunts and granny’s and gigi’s and paw paws and whoever else.. you’re all going to be compelled to go out and take a pic..

See.. been there, done that..glad I did.. would do it again…happy I did…

So I’m here to tell you the three best¬† places to eat, if you find yourself around Hempstead in Waller County. I’m talking real good places to eat. Like out of the ordinary.

I promise.. no kidding.. these three restaurants will make your picture taking adventure and spring family outing… well, delightful, scrumptious, satisfying… and you get your pick! What I am offering here is an unbiased, tried and tasted, smorgasbord of delight for any palate.

1.  In the mood