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Since its Valentine’s Day, at least it’s the aftermath…

I am proposing to induct a Handsome Cowboy in my own Hall of Fame, whenever the notion hits me. I do believe I am obliged to set you straight on why this is an okay activity for me to do and for you to read because you might think that for a married woman this whole activity might be unseemly or downright  improper.

First, Mrs. G does it and she’s happily married and for gosh sakes, SHE calls them ‘Cabana Boys’. I mean, how humiliating is that. Those men KNOW she and the Women’s Colony consider them sex objects. (Or they can assume that, which is interesting, because I think its the case that when you speak of  ‘sex object’ and it’s a woman speaking of it… compared to the images conjured when a man hears a woman thinking about it… there is generally a way-different thought process and end result…to, you know, where the thoughts take said man versus woman…)


We can probably let it rest that ‘Cabana Boys’ are, at a minimum, ALWAYS  pleasing to gaze upon. Handsome Cowboys are going to consider, well, deeper attributes. Yeah. Okay, maybe. Hopefully. Sometimes. Ugh. I’ll try.

Second, it’s not like when you get married you die.

Third: It’s not like I haven’t talked about them before.

Fourth: you, yes you, my girlfriends, can nominate a candidate and if his portfolio or your defense of his handsome cowboy status stands up to the  criteria, well, we can take a vote and who knows what might happen.

Fifth:  Men read with alacrity, there is way better info here than from Men’s Heath or Maxim.. plus it’s free.

SO having convinced you thoroughly, here goes….the first installment of PFandL’s Cowboy Hall of Fame is officially started and the very first honoree or inductee or infamous-tee, will be none other than Silent Bob.

Silent Bob has been nominated and chosen because he has taught me that golf is a passion, his passion, and it is worth me walking around carrying his bag to share it with him. He has stood with me, through things I couldn’t have been left standing had I been alone. He makes me cinnamon pecan pancakes for breakfast …in bed and he has supported me like few, no… like no other husband could have done, when luck or God sent me down a road of my own profession.  Upon which, when it is all said and done, I don’t care nearly so much about (the profession, not his support) then the fact that he made me a mother and I love the three sons that are ours.

Oh yeah, he also is very smart, well aware that it would likely be ill-advised, however enjoyable, should he have the idea to start something like a beautiful cowgirl page. I love smart men.

It’s a double  standard. What can I say. It’s not like there haven’t ever been any of those before.

So, my Robert ‘Silent Bob’ Siefert

Welcome to the PFandL Handsome Cowboy Hall of Fame

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