Simple ingredients!


Warm Buttery Muffins

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s this time of year that I think about some of the most delicious things my Mother cooked…

Something warm from the oven, I would grab one, head out on my bike and resting on the seat, with the Arkansas fall wind blowing cold on my face, relish with childish happiness, the melty goodness of whatever homemade treat she had baked.

So do this.. it’s easy.

When you are at the store, get you a muffin tin if you don’t have one.

While you are there, pick up a small bag of self rising flour (don’t worry, if you are saying to yourself, “I will NEVER use this”, you can keep it in the freezer. BUT you might just find you use it up before the month is out! These things are THAT good.)

Go ahead and get some real butter (you are going to use 2 sticks) and a carton of sour cream (enough for a half pint. By the way, that’s 8 oz or 1 cup!). LLet the butter get real soft. (An excellent choice would be to use Smart Balance if you want to watch… well you know, fat and cholesterol, etc.)