Men In Trees


Men in Trees, Really

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The winds that came through Houston on the night Ike came ashore on the Galveston beaches were faster than I have ever driven a car. Hmmm.. okay, well I am ashamed. Once I did drive home from college and watched the needle of the Pontiac I was driving inch to and past the 100 mph mark. Sitting here looking at the aftermath of Ike, I marvel why someone in their right mind would voluntarily hurdle through space at that speed. This past week nature provided the stark reality of what100 mph really is. 

That ole Ike, so wide he covered a third of the gulf, roared across the city into the early morning and brought a surge of water that once it seaped back out the next day, would flush the ground and water and bayous of Houston. The hurricane winds, that normally would have lost a lot of their power once inland, stayed strong and dangerous right