Moses and Ellie Pasture


A Very Bad Thing

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I did something awful. I didn’t mean to, but just the same, I did something of which I am deeply ashamed.  

This weekend we were going to take the dogs to the country. I feel bad that 200 lbs of dogs are cooped up into a backyard that isn’t big enough for one big dog let alone two of them. They seemed to know they were going and if dogs could talk, they would have.

Ellie, the younger was joyous and exuberant, her lithe girly frame sleek, repeatedly doing what I call fish flips. You know, those jumps in the air that dogs can do that looks like they are mimicking a bass jumping out of the water trying to escape the hook in its mouth.

Moses was.. well Moses. Lumbering and gigantic, he was exc