Josh Deploys

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Howdy and Happy Monday!

I missed talking to you last week.

I have a lot my heart wants to write, Mexico always refreshes my soul and I saw parts of it that I never have seen before. I long to describe to you so you could be there with me, even if only in your mind, wonders like fog grass that made the desert valley floor look like it was misted with grass despite the bright winter sun.

Another Monday, I will tell you about more of those natural wonders but today I am getting ready for Josh’s deployment and its all I can think about.

My soul searching for this time in the Siefert household has made me consider that all God graced all three of my sons with the hearts of a servant and I pray over their choices of duties to satisfy that heart. In my times of quiet and reflection these last two days I have prayed for Josh’s safety as well as all the soldiers and families around the world,  you know of course it is what we beg God for, but I have realized something very important. It was one of those moments that I have explained to you before, where God puts something in my heart and that I never expect.  

Janet, He said, “Certainly pray for his safety and just as Jake told you of the times he knew I protected him, I will do the same for your Josh. But also pray that Josh will grow in knowledge of the power of faith, as he goes through each day, serving in that far away country.”  

I sit in Josh’s home in Harker Heights this morning. Josh has made some great friends here in central Texas. They love him. I