Jake’s Scholarship is Endowed!

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Howdy you all!!! YOU DID IT!.. With the help of so many of you who I send this Happy Monday to, you were a part of making our goal of the initial endowment of the Jake Siefert Texas A&M Corp Chaplain Scholarship! Despite the national heat wave, 76 golfers and a host of volunteers and family made the golf tournament a success. 

I will be updating all the webpages within a couple of weeks with pictures and all the official news of the scholarship, tell you where we hope Crede Deo can go now, but I think my brother said it best, and although I don’t have his exact words I will paraphrase. The game of golf served as the bridge between Jake’s faith, the Grace that he knew and knows in Heaven to the difference that the Corp Chaplains who will receive the scholarship will make as they shepherd students at A&M.

Our family