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Remember, I’m Thinking About You

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Howdy & Happy Monday after Easter!

When I was little I was afraid to be away from home. I didn’t get much better as I got older. My dad started a game with me that I carry with me in one version or another to this day. He would say, ”when you get homesick tonight, at 9pm, remember that I will be thinking about you.”  As I got older, I said “and I will think about you too Dad”. In my mind, there was an element of communication beyond the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, can’t say I ever felt anything particularly supernatural, but the knowledge that Dad’s mental power, the voice of his soul, was being directed to me was very reassuring and comforting. This being Easter, an especially important celebration for me and mine, I wanted a special Happy Monday. 

If you are reading this its likely because I sent you an email. You need to know this: I thought about you. I thought about why I know you and what you mean to me, or what you meant to Jake. I thought about what I know about your life and the voice of my  soul, for a moment, whether you knew it or not, thought especially just about you. Every single one of you.

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