I’ve talked about the class I attend on Sunday and what it has meant to me since Jake went to Heaven.

Provision, God’s that is, is what I see it as.

Mark, the man who teaches the class, has written a book.

If you are a curious believer, a high schooler getting ready to go to college and leave the bubble of your church, or you sort of half believe their might be a God, this book was written for you.

It’s a curious take on the whole subject of Christianity. It’s a trial lawyer, and a successful one at that’s, search for the truth using legal strategy and thought process. It just might be that he considers some questions that have flitted through your mind.

PF and L is giving three of these books away. The rules are simple.

Register a comment within the next 5 days. Three numbers will randomly be chosen. Friday the winners will be announced.

I’d give all of you one, but then that wouldn’t be near as much fun as winning a contest. Okay, I don’t have the money to give everybody one, but I wish I did.

Christianity on Trial, by W. Mark Lanier. Amazon’s got em.