Janet was raised in Arkansas by her railroad man father and part time bookkeeper mother. Her father, a wise man, knew that education was the one thing that could lift you out of poverty and take you places you couldn’t go otherwise. He hoped she would go to college. She hoped she fell in love. She married Silent Bob when they were young (they are still married now that they are sort of old) and had three sons of whom Janet could not be more proud. Previous to them growing up and becoming men, when they were all under the age of 6, her mother moved in with the family and Janet went to graduate school. This was as unplanned as her third son and while not as joyous as that third son, was almost so, because as it turns out, Janet values knowledge as much as her dad hoped she would. Janet got her Ph D in Biology in 1997 and through her research has met the finest group of thinkers and researchers who have become friends, collaborators, and in only a case or two, enemies. 

Janet has been at Rice University in the statistics department for over 20 years.  She is not a statistician. She has projects that statisticians love. She’s an associate research professor which means that in between thinking about science, she chases money. To pay for those projects.

She now also has the privilege to take care of her mother, a feisty, mostly deaf 87 year old. Doris moved in with them at the widowed age of 50 something and Janet and her family got to experience what it was like for your mother to date. And entertain her boyfriends. Yeah.
Despite all of the devastating things that can happen to any family, Janet loves God more today than she ever has and she’s quit worrying if her love is enough because she knows His is. This has produced a joy in her that even her natural tendency for anxiety and depression can’t squelch.
She’s traveled extensively through her work, writes for pleasure and business, and thinks humanity is at its finest when they strive to do their best, even if the circumstances are difficult. She believes we were made to work. She also believes we were made to love. 
She’s glad you are here.