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On this day in 1983, early on a Sunday morning, Silent Bob and I left for the hospital. I was 2 weeks past my due date and the doctor had threatened to ‘do something’ soon if things didn’t start progressing. Sundays are the best time to have babies. And by the third time,
I knew how to labor. Once at the hospital I walked around the tiny little labor room, the contractions getting stronger and SB calm as usual. Eight hours later, I held the biggest baby I had birthed (just under 8 pounds), handed out the candy canes I had used to celebrate, and watched as SB beamed with pride. Josh was really white. He stood out among the sea of sweet brown and black babes swaddled in the nursery. When he cried, his white face and neck turned red. He was so white that upon seeing her grandson, my Mother asked me if I thought he was ‘too white’… as in like there was a pigment gene missing. 

Turns out there wasn’t, your hair it not the fine white blonde it was then. But the calmness that you exhibited even as a babe remains a hallmark of your personality and one of the things I treasure about you.

My Josh I could not be any more proud of you, my son. I am thankful God gave you to me and your dad.
When we left this afternoon after your birthday lunch, you checked to make sure I got in my car and everything was alright. Thank you for helping me this past year. Checking on me today is an example. It is a natural thing you do but one which I count as one of my biggest blessings, true grace from our Father.  Thank you Josh.
I already know that God has given you many tools and abilities to equip you on the path He has for you. I am happy about that. 

Love you Josh.

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  1. Beautiful, as usual!! Touching!! They say for us to try to be representative of God through our actions. You get an A+ in got category!! You are such a bright, humble, thankful…just a lovely person!! We are all so grateful to be your friend.

  2. Oh Janet, One of the richest blessings a mother can receive — A son who is honorable, amazing and kind. Your Josh is this and more. How he looks out for you melts my heart. Happy Birthday Josh!

  3. One of my very dearest friends in all the world, raised by one of the most amazing women I have had the privilege of knowing. He is wonderful, indeed. 💕

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