My Josh. My Jake.

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I missed them both terribly.

I never thought, when they were young, to worry about them going off to war.

It was a total of almost five years out of the life of those two sons in a total of 3 deployments, all in Iraq.

I remain as proud of them today as I was when I sat at home and worried about them coming back.

They are men who grew in ways that even today I see evidence in Josh. Their natural tendencies to honorable, loyal, and courageous behavior were refined in ways that humble me. You make me proud. You make me thankful.

In the little things and the big things that scare me, they have made me feel secure.

My sons are not the only ones to provide this.

I appreciate every veteran, past, present and those who will chose in the future. I am thankful on this Veteran’s Day, 2019l.

It pays for me to remind you, especially those who have no recollection of a time before 9-11, that life was different then. Once the attack on the twin towers happened, we were a nation united. These two movies are