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October is the month that God is good to remind me that life doesn’t make sense without Him. 

If you aren’t a believer, it’s okay with me if you doubt that statement. But for me, it’s as personal and as real as it can get.

You see I’m a fixer. An anxious one. And there are a hundred things each day that I am unable to fix. The only reconciliation I can come to is one that holds to a concept that the Creator of it all is in love with me and the other 8 billion plus people on the planet. It’s the only answer that makes sense. The only one that answers ‘why’.

So each year of my life and increasingly every October,  God finds a new way to ease my fingers from the tight grip I have on thinking that somehow it’s me personally that is going to singlehandedly keep most of the bad things of my world from occurring.

It’s October that my Father finds new ways to ease me more fully into his arms. He loves me. And increasingly he teaches me to see that no matter the prejudices or walls I build up, it’s me and 8 billion others He seeks to comfort.

I thank God that He is in charge.  Literally. I thank Him. 

Most of you know, it’s this day that my Jake officially left this earth. I have been trying my best all year to get ready to celebrate Jake and others of my loved ones who are in the by-and-by.

Several years ago, on our way to the field site in central Mexico, as we drove through desert spotted with ocotillo and ag