August 11

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Just like everyone else in the summer, I’ve done a bit of movie watching.

Because I never know what the movie is about or how good it is, I have favored the free stuff. Well, its not really free, is it? It comes with the subscription for whatever provider you have.

Never mind about that, the bottom line was I found myself watching “Temple Grandin”.

If you don’t know who she is, you should. Watch the movieĀ for edification which is better in this case than entertainment.

Having known about her for sometime, I wasn’t surprised at the content of the movie, except for one part. The part where Temple faces death.

At least twice, while looking at the animal or human remains, she says the following,

“They aren’t here. Where did they go?”

That has stayed with me in ways that matter because for an autistic woman whose view of the world is very different than mine