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I wasn’t a fan of Bradley Cooper in Hangover or Failure to Launch.

I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing him in Silver Linings Playbook so I did what I do anytime I don’t really care if I see a movie, I watch it from the back of an airplane seat.

I rented it when I got home to watch it with purpose.

It was about that time I started looking at Bradley through eyes untainted by the characters of his previous movies.

I suspect he has hit his stride in American Sniper.

I happened to stumble on one of the morning news interviews give all the Oscar buzz.

He’s quite smart and a hard worker and unbeknownst to me he’s been acting on Broadway in Elephant Man.

As I watched the interview which showed the first few minutes of the play, I realized just how good an actor he is.

I’d given almost anything to have seen him on Broadway. Elephant man ends Saturday night.

But, Bradley, you can be sure I will be looking for more fine artistry to come from you in the years to come.

Break a leg.



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  1. I saw the Elephant Man preview as well. So remarkable the transformation with nothing but words and his body. Truly a gifted actor and one, like you, that hadn’t impressed me much. I’ve not seen American Sniper as yet but I certainly intend to.

  2. I’m with you, Janet, but I did start feeling this way after Silver Linings. Such an earnest young man. He has had some great interviews along with Clint Eastwood that showed his humble side, too. It’s cool that his Momma is often on his arm at many of the awards ceremonies-a good son, too!

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