Bradley Cooper

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I wasn’t a fan of Bradley Cooper in Hangover or Failure to Launch.

I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing him in Silver Linings Playbook so I did what I do anytime I don’t really care if I see a movie, I watch it from the back of an airplane seat.

I rented it when I got home to watch it with purpose.

It was about that time I started looking at Bradley through eyes untainted by the characters of his previous movies.

I suspect he has hit his stride in American Sniper.

I happened to stumble on one of the morning news interviews give all the Oscar buzz.

He’s quite smart and a hard worker and unbeknownst to me he’s been acting on Broadway in Elephant Man.

As I watched the interview which showed the first few minutes of the play, I realized just how good an actor he is.

I’d given almost anything to have seen him on Broadway. Elephant man ends Saturday night.

But, Bradley, you can be sure I will be looking for more fine artistry to come from you in the years to come.

Break a leg.