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Do you know who Charlie Harper is?

He drew this:Red-and-fed

And this one too..


And this one, which makes me think of spring.


He was amazing. He drew a lot. He had an eye that was simple, elegant, and accurate. The even illustrated “The Golden Book of Biology”. I hope to get a copy one day.


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  1. I spent a good part of my life trying to figure out what kind of music I really enjoyed and I’ve figured out at my ripe old age that I like it all (as long as it’s good). I think I’ve heard the name of Leonard Cohen, but can’t say that I’ve ever knowingly listened to him, until now. What an amazing piece of music; perfect word diction with an amazing bass voice, incredible mix of instruments and harmonies. Thank you Janet for the introduction and thank you Pandora for enriching my life with music!

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