One, But Many

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The line snaked around, back and forth across the sidewalk. It was pretty out, a clear blue sky with a temperate wind blowing, cooling things a bit. Just as the hundreds that had visited the memorial the days before, each person would move single file through the security check bottleneck that in 2013 is standard for Americans.

There was a time when this wasn’t so.

My youngest son and I stood in line to see the 911 Memorial.

If he had carried his military ID he would have been ushered to the front.

As we waited for entrance, we talked about his deployments. We talked about his older brother’s time spent there. We didn’t talk the whole time we waited and while I do not know the specifics of this younger son’s thoughts, I am sure that he was recollecting as I was for those many months, in the sand, with those he lead and  those he lead with while there. We reminisced about his older brother’s deployment.  That older son shared lots with his family before he left for Heaven, a wealth of things as it turns out catered to the one he was sharing with. I suspect he’s smiling a bit from wherever Heaven resides that we share new thoughts and knowledge about him