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We’ve been raising prime Angus cattle at the farm.

Poppy our big fat headed bull has done a good job of building up our herd. Everything’s been pregnant for the last two years, repeatedly. It’s time to reap the benefits of haying, overwintering, innoculating, and fencing.

We put an add on Craig’s list.

Now my previous Craig’s list adventures have been less than stellar. I sold a Thule cartop carrier a few years back and the surfer dude, way too old to still be thinking he was that, got out of his car, his pants fell down, his manly parts exposed. An adherent to the going commando school of thought or else he forgot where he put his underwear, he did manage to hitch them up enough to find the 100 dollar bill he had stashed in the pocket. And then there was the attempt to sell a 40 foot hotshot trailer. That particular self identified Christian buyer managed to take the trailer without ever paying anything. We got the trailer back, worse for the wear, a year later, once he needed to give back the broken down cattle trailer he had left us for collateral. He was properly indignant when I accused him of stealing.

So I had me some trepidation when Matt called. He wanted one of our heifers and he had a Texas drawl that can mean either he is a real cowboy, in which case he will have some integrity, or he isn’t which leaves the door wid