Happy Monday, even if it is Tuesday…

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I had just planned to walk the two big hounds down the street, knowing they hate being cooped up in the garage. City workers are dismantling our back yard – something about sewers and drains and pipes leaking.

I walked out in my socking feet and that in itself tells you just how different this day is because I can’t remember the last time I put socks on my feet unless they were stuffed into my tennis shoes. The morning is cool and it’s what I call a California day here in this bayou city. We are the city that’s always got a veil of humidity holding everything down. But today, well everything feels crisp. It was that Canadian front that blew in last night.

About halfway to the stop sign, I made the decision: I would take Mose and Ellie to the woods. It’d been a while since the three of us had visited the little patch of bottom land bordered by Cypress creek and civilization.

The only way to do this is barefooted, I think to myself and I pull at my socks, stuffing them in my pocket as I set first foot into the tall pines, sweet gum and cottonwoods. If the air around me in the bright sunsh