Jake’s ‘Daily’ Reprise 2008

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Howdy, Happy Monday!

Time for a confession; I never made it through Christmas the right way. Too many sons missing this year, despite John’s earnest and most caring efforts to make up for the other two’s absence. If you noticed, I didn’t manage to get to the last Monday of 2007 either. However, my heart is renewed and much like the promise of each new day, I am closer to where I am supposed to be, in part due to the valley of this Christmas season. 

I have been writing these Happy Monday’s for a full year now. As many times as I have made plans to perform a long term commitment of time and effort, these Happy Monday’s mark one of the few times I have honored that commitment. It’s been my pleasure and gain to let the words spill from my heart on to the pages of Jake’s webpage. Many of you, many times, have encouraged me in the process. I am grateful and thankful. 

So, we begin another year, 2008, and God continues to renew my faith and show me new wonders of His love, continues to teach me what life is about here. What say, let’s go through another year together, Monday by Monday? I’m game if you are.

As I did this time last year, let me start this one, with one from my Jake.

From: Jacob Siefert <siefert@tamu.edu>
hello, it has been a long time since I have been sending any poetry but I
have had a rough week, it was a little