Jake Remembered

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dear Jake, 

Happy Monday up there in Heaven.

I wanted to tell you about something, son.

Remember the time you took me to Mulligans to listen to your friend Mark’s band? It was just about this time two years ago. It had been a while since I had heard them and you wanted me to hear their new guitarist, who plays in the style of Stevie Ray.

You and I spent a lot of listenening time with Vaughn, didn’t we?

Your dad was out of town and I asked you, ‘do you really want me to go with you on a Friday night?’ 

Not wanting to impose, knowing your Dad was a lot more familiar with most of your friends  than me , I wanted to spare you the embarrassment of taking your mom. But, true to who I know you to be, you were comfortable with the invitation, the desire to share something with me strong for you. </