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Howdy! Happy Monday ya’ll! 

Well…It’s only the third Happy Monday and it’s already turning out to be a bit more difficult than I imagined. 

Its not that I don’t have plenty to post, but more that I am a bit unsure as to what direction to take happy Monday this week. 

Jake knew how to do this better than I do. 

I think I will just tell you about swimming with the manatees on Saturday. 

It was a cool Florida morning, watching the sun come up over Crystal River, a freshwater, spring fed river that empties into the Gulf. A great bald eagle perched in the top of riverside trees as we slid quietly into the water, gasping as the 72 degree water seeped into wetsuits. Telltale ripples broke the smooth water surface which meant the big behemoths were expecting the boatloads of curious visitors. 

To be honest they actually seem to enjoy the attention. 

I was ready for something metaphysical to happen, primed I guess, by having visited the Salvadore Dali museum the day before (boy was that guy crazy…). 

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