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This is the day that my Jake went to Heaven

Actually, its just when his heart stopped beating.

It might have been hours before that, the soul being an entity that may or may not adhere to the end of the beating of its physical heart.

I will be honest. This time of year is going to be sad for me until I get to Heaven myself,

I am not sure what people reading this think since its been 9 years.

We all handle sadness very differently.  There is room for all the ways to my mind.


Hard to believe, though, isn’t it. For those of you, who like me, miss him.

Today, for any of you reading this that know you have a loved one waiting for you in Heaven, right this second, I am praying for a sweet memory to bathe your own soul. I am praying for the hope that gives meaning to this life for you.

This Sunday in the Biblical Literacy class i attend, the teacher was asked a question. It was if you were on your dying bed what would you say to your children. Admitting that he was a bit morbid and had actually thought about this very thing, he said ” I will tell them to stay the course. Be true to your faith. Hold onto it. Live your life by it. And I will see you on the other side.”

Hey, my Jake, that’s exactly what we are doing.