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I’ve told you about Daisy.

She’s a huntress. She’s a mouser. And lately she’s a ratter. She’s lethal. She’s sweet.

The farm needs her.

So when we go there, we take her, unwillingly in a carrier.

Cats don’t like carriers and they don’t like traveling.

They are creatures of habit.

Daisy complains the whole time there and despite the fact that she loves it when she gets there and she loves it when she comes back home, its the ride in between that makes her crazy.

She whines. She cries. She’s contstant in her complaints.

Until this last time.

She was quiet. There were only a few little bitty tiny whines from her.

Until we turned the radio off or changed the channel.

Apparently she’s a country western girl with a little bit of rock thrown in and “Honky Cat” really does it for her.

Apparently, its true… Musik has charms to sooth a savage breast…beast.. breast… whatever.