Last weekend, Houston and surrounding environs were supposed to get 3 inchs of snow… give or take…

The models said so.

The models were wrong. There was lots of explanations about a high, hot layer of air that burned up the little snowflakes somewhere mid sky and then what was left of them just didn’t make it back down to the ground, even though we were… like .. way below freezing.

Tempteratures in the teens.

The well pump went out.

The overpasses got slick.

And the children got let out of  school.

The goldfish froze in the stock tank …

And I took pictures.

The snow might not have made it Pineknot Farm and Lab, but Jack Frost did.

Middle son made a snowman…

(Hey, you do the best you can when the weather models lead you down a path of lies..)

I found an icicle..

I used to eat these things when I was little… might be whats wrong with me…

I have no idea why frost snow bits stay on cow poop, but it does… (I ate the icicles not the poop).

Kind of like I have no idea why the goldfish came back alive, after being frozen almost solid for two days… coldblooded mystery..

But for sure I know that Jack Frost painted this landscape…