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Inspired by his uncles, Soldier Josh creates a healthy, delicious salad, that you too can make in your own home. Step by step directions and instructions for a cool, summer recipe guaranteed to make your Mother wish she had been there when you made it… I’m just sayin’.

This stuff you might want.

Flatten the chicken breast. (Flatter is better… a roller would likely work better than say… a frying pan, serving spoon, or dead blow hammer from the garage)

Fill one side of the chicken with spinach, feta, and capers…. use more of what you like less of what you don’t.

Now the tricky part… fold the chicken and keep folding edges and pushing the filler back in repeatedly and inserting toothpicks to hold gaps closed until complete (or frustrated whichever comes first).

Grill Stuffed Chicken with high heat to sear the outside. (Helps keep them from falling apart.

Once the chicken is done grilling, wrap it really tight in aluminum foil and let it sit for 10-20 minutes depending on how patient (hungry) you are. (This is known as the Neil Huddle Wrap)

(Not pictured: Take arugula lettuce and season with salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar.) After the chicken sits unwrap the foil and admire your handiwork. After a few min of this, cut the chicken in to slices.

Plate the sliced chicken on top of the arugula salad. Make it pretty or don’t… makes no difference.

Would Gordon Ramsay approve…. well no probably not.

But I do.

(Tip: Use paper plates, towels, and aluminum foil as much as possible to minimize dishes you have to wash later.)