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147,903,840,000 heartbeats and counting…

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About my faith

If you wonder how I can be a scientist and a believer, you’ve come to the right place to understand. 

I have never been bashful admitting where my  doubts lie. And above all, I do not want to be living a lie.

What I do know is that science does not satisfy the longing for love and place I have. 


A Timeline - We all have one...

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The long version updated January 2019

A few more words...

I have been working as a scientist for over 20 years. I love the puzzles that biology presents. I love the chance to think about how things might have happened or how they are happening now. I love working with people from all disciplines even when I have to admit I don’t know their vocabulary or the tools they use. I love to learn. I actually loved being a mother more than being a scientist, if not for that I might have had different goals, but despite that my workI is solid and true.