The group I meet with on Sunday mornings had an event on Saturday.

Mother and I attended. You had a choice of crafts that several experts were on hand to help you accomplish. They had a crock pot lunch (this was pretty cool. Thanks Lorraine.)

Misty taught me how to do this wreath:


It was so easy.

It’s so pretty.

There are a million permutations you could use instead of old sheet music you might find at a second hand store.

Like children’s homework or grand-children’s drawings. Vintage cookbooks or old hymnals.

The way you do this:

1. Cut a circle out of cardboard about 12 inches in diameter (it can be smaller or larger, depending on how big you want your wreath.

2. Warm up your glue gun and have a ton of glue sticks ready.

3. Take a sheet of whatever paper you have decided on and make a cone. This is the only tricky part. I made very top fat cones with very small points. (Look at all the options on Pinterest.) It might take you a few tries. Glue the cones so they stay in the shape you like.

4. It takes about 40 of these cones. Start gluing them on the cardboard circle. It helps to think of a clock and glue them down “on” the numbers, if there were numbers on your cardboard. Then start filling in, making your wreath full and fuller. Like my friend Kathryn says, “more is more”.

5. You can put anything in the middle. Be creative.

6. Make a look of ribbon and glue it to the back of the cardboard so you can hang your wreath.