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Mother insisted I take Home Economics a thousand years ago. (For those of you who might be too young, that was the class in high school that taught females to sew and cook.)

Mother also insisted I take typing.

Uh huh.

This was left over requisite curriculum options for females who bore daughters on the cusp of the sexual revolution and women’s lib.

God rest her soul, Mrs. Broyles pretty much hated my guts. No matter how I tried, she wasn’t pleased by anything I sewed or cooked.  It could not have possibly been the underlying attitude her women’s intuition sensed in me. I mean who in their right mind would ever want to know how to cook and serve cow tongue. And then there was the day, that she had me blow the insides of a dozen eggs out so I could decorate them for her Easter Egg Tree. (When I asked her what I was supposed to do with the egg contents and she said ‘just dump them down the sink’, I don’t think I voiced how that flew in the face of the economics part of the class…okay, yes I did.)

When she had me ripout the waist band of the apron I was making FIFTEEN FRIGGING TIMES. I pretty much realized Home Ec II was not in my future.

But here’s the reality: sewing and cooking are amazing and wonderful and fulfilling activities.

There is nothing better for me than having a refrigerator full of various items, a little music coming into my kitchen from Alexa, a nice red in a pretty glass in my hand, my best apron on my body, an hour of time, and the knowledge I am fixing to create something that is quite tasty and the sincerest expression of my love for those for whom I am making it.

So when I took stock the other day and was hankering, yes hankering for a little bit of sewing, I thought “I wonder if anyone else has had a thought like this?!”

And then in a karmic kind of way combined with the immediacy of texting..

“Janet, Judi and I are giving a sewing class on Saturday. You want to come?” said Jackie.

Uh yeah. I love it when life works out like that.

For your sewing edification, (and if you ever wondered how to turn the corner on a piece of binding…) Enjoy!

Having watched that, let me tell you the secret all we women know: sewing and cooking are rife with math, chemistry, architecture, geometry, spatial understanding… you get where this sentence is going, right?

Here’s to a new day and a new understanding of just how amazing it is to be a woman.

PS. Next week: Would you like to know more about sewing? Stay tuned for more of Judi and Jackie… and maybe another guest or two. And better videography.