It’s me again, Helen!

After reading about you and your home in Texas, I thought I’d share about mine in northeast Arkansas, bordering the bootheel of Missouri. Amazing, we’re almost 600 miles apart! Nice to know that we thrive in so many places.

My kin have found this a great place to be year after year. Lots of flowers, and LOTS OF BUGS. My life will be much shorter than yours because of the weather, I’ve been told. But I have ample time to lay my eggs and look after them until the first frost. At that time, I will grow frail and pass away. Not to worry! I’ll leave behind thousands of eggs that will hatch. They’ll spend the winter in those lovely little sacks we build and come Spring they too will grow and rear here in this lovely Eden. We’re good like that.
Like you, I picked a place to stay out of the wind but I also like the sunshine. Most folks and critters don’t like me much. My size and bright colors are an effective deterrent and keep me protected (except for the occasional bird or lizard).


So far, so good. The humans here are a little neurotic. Apparently I freak them out with my window display.


Guess I should have done like my Momma and stayed in the flowers. But they’re curious about me, so I reckon that’s a good thing.

I had a boyfriend once. He thought I was pretty. He’s my baby (make that plural) daddy. Unfortunately, I ate him! Oh, well…..that’s what we do, isn’t it? They were good while they lasted!