When I told Mother we would have a big, fancy party, by the time she would decide  she didn’t want, she had purchased her dress. During that time, she reflected on her life and wrote her speech. Below is that speech.

Doris Jones Huddle

June 11, 1932

Parents – Algie Goodson and Ike Jones

Sister of 1 brother and two sisters

I was born in extreme low land poverty in Arkansas where regular flooding of our house and moving out with friends to higher ground was one of my earliest memories. (A little note: My dad showed us as children how to measure the height of how high the water was out side by a hole in the bedroom floor. We used a broom stick that we stuck in the hole and once the flooding reached a certain level, it was time to move. Another little note: My mother, who prided herself on her cooking, couldn’t stand the extremely over floured biscuits that the woman made whose house we would move into during the flood. So my mother would rise earlier and earlier to beat the woman to the kitchen to make her own biscuits for the group.)

My mother was a very kind and loving woman but unfortunately she had lots of problems that materialized greatly in her life.

My dad was from a wealthy farming family in Georgia, but after loosing both parents at a very early age he decided to strike out on his own and came to Arkansas. He was uneducated and has some mental issues therefore only was able to make a meager living selling meat and produce from his truck he delivered to people until he was involved in an accident and recieved a small settlement of $500. (S lot in 1938). He was a able to rent a building in the city and started a cafe (Ike’s Place). Life in general got better and improved with this move –

My sister Jim (nickname) was manic depressive but was able to marry and raise a family that loved her deeply and took very good care of her until her death-

My sister Dub (nickname) wasn’t a fortunate in her marraige as she was married to an abusive husband and both and he became alcoholics. She had one son who was able to go forward despite all the problems at home.

My brother Cecil, I guess you could call him the successful one as far as wealth for he became a millionaire in the automobile business, but not unlike all self made wealth others have made, there is a debt to be paid and he and his family didn’t escape this in their riches.

I, Doris, wish my name was Rose (she drew a little picture of a rose here on her notes). By the grace of God, I married the love of my life and my soul mate, Jack Huddle. But, and there is always a but, our marriage was not the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. We had many obstacles and problem to deal with and overcome: sickness, death of our middle child Gloria, and my husband’s alcoholism. (By God’s grace, he was able to stay sober the last 17 years of his life, among other heartaches along the way.)

But, and this is a great but, we had the most previous gifts that God could ever give us that came out of our marraige. It was our daughter Jand and son Neil. Who both I am so very proud  and happy to be their mother. And with them came my wonderful Grandchildren, Jake, John, Josh, Dylan and Anna

Chapter II of my life began with being a widow. I searched for answers in all the wrong things and places. The last 10 years I have really found joy and peace and God has given me great contentment in painting as insufficient as it may be. My painting are mostly about color and the feelings I get from putting them in my paintings.

In closing, I would like to say how much I appreciate my son in law by making it possible in a gracious and welcome manner to share his home and their family and their lives the last 23 years. I have a lot of great happy memories, with love, I thank you Robert. And last but not least I thank my God for my life and all the wonderful blessings in the 80  years he has given me.

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