I’ve been thinking about this blogging thing..

Unfortunately, if I could I would give up my day job and write for a living.

Alas, having not won the lottery (I don’t usually buy a ticket) and still needing my science income and the time that goes along with ensuring that, I am confined to spilling my soul and some little time on the blogosphere.

Some have asked me why don’t you have adds to make a little money.

There are several answers to that which I am not prepared to go into just yet. (Translated: means I haven’t a clue).

But let me tell you this, blogging has revolutionized women’s literature. It has opened holes of opportunity for talented writers. It has made some people a lot of money. It has created some real angst among competitors, which i have to assume must be mostly about dollars…

So for your enjoyment… education…whatever…go here,

but mostly when you want to see what I think blogging is really good for, go here...