There is something about an oak tree that I love.

This one grows near Pineknot Farm and Lab, on a piece of property that I wish I could buy, mostly just because of this tree.

A bur oak is deciduous and is one of the most massive oaks around with a trunk diameter that measure up to 10 feet. It can grow to 120 feet tall, although its more common to grow to 100 feet.

The bur oak can live to be 200 or 300 years old.

This tree is a wonderful specimen. Take notice of it’s beautiful, graceful horizontal branches and the full crown of branches that sprout from it’s massive trunk.

It’s wider than it is tall, which is the signature growth of this beautiful tree.

It has rough, deep ridged bark and the largest acorn of any oak tree in North America.

Because it has a very long tap root, it can survive drought as well as fire.

Quercus macrocarpa, the bur oak, is a lovely tree.