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When you live or work or play on a farm, its the constancy of nature’s dynamics that gets to you. What I mean to say is, nothing the same any day I go out to the farm, and yet its always about seasons and cycles and such.

Take for instance bugs. Right now, out at the farm, there are a million insects. They are flying everywhere, moths and butterflies eating sap and whatever else they eat, June bugs pouncing on the screens at night dying, literally, to go into the light. I’m used to seeing giant cockroaches, so much so, that I think anytime I see a fairly large brown object move, inside or out, its one of them. But nooo.. not out at the farm. If they were roaches, we’d call it an infestation. There are that many crickets making their home in our organic refuse. Something about them flitting across, rather than roaches makes me feel very good.

Then this caught my eye while I was weeding the garden. I love the plant cock’s comb. For some reason they are hard to grow, and despite the jillions of seed we planted, only two plants survived. I looked this little bugger up on google. Isn’t she cute?

I thought it weird that she was on this flower. But given that her common name is Flower Crab Spider (which translates into Misumena vatia), she is just where she is supposed to be. Guess she thinks some other tinier tasty little insecct morsels are going to come her way, given the beeeuuttiful magenta flower she is sitting on.

Ahhh.. the cycle of life.